Old Pueblo Knitters

Grandma's Spinning Wheel, just like your gradma's attic, is crammed full of the most wonderful things...and, just like your grandma's attic there are "hidden gems" that, when you take the time to examine them, call out, "take me home, try me out!"

Vicky Konecky will bring these Gems to life with her magical presentation and wit!  You then will have time to try knitting with some of these wonderful yarns and see how special they are!  One yarn looks like mohair but guest what, there isn't any wool in it; another has different materials in it for interest and looks like it would stretch...but it doesn't; one has pearls; and some are hand dyed.

And if that isn't enough Vicky has brought some new items that will make your knitting easier and more fun like: a wrist ruler you can wear like a bracelet; a row counter that you wear on your finger; a knitting abacus; and new yarn holders.  Plus fun buttons!

This is guaranteed to be a  GREAT meeting, so Don't forget to bring a guest!  Please RSVP to Nancy Slutter [520-269-1894] or [Nancy.Slutter@Verizon.net] and let her know if you are attending.  Nancey will let Vicky know the attendance number so she can bring the appropriate amount of "yarn tasting" materials!

Vicky from Grandma's Spinning Wheel 


"Hidden Gems" 

Yarn Tasting


OPK Monthly meeting
September 21, 2017 9:30 a.m.
St. Philips in the Hills
​​4440 N Campbell Ave, Tucson, AZ 85718​​​

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