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Community Outreach

2010 Slideshow

2011 Slideshow

Navajo Project – Helga Tirrell and Barbara Askren

It’s never too early to begin to make new sweaters, mittens, gloves and scarves for the children at Rocky Ridge -- Navajo and Hopi children need warm clothing

Operation Gratitude – Barbara Moore

Since none of the scarves that we offer to the military are regulation, the color choice begins to open up to a wider range; although if you are knitting with men in mind, dark colors are always a good choice. When making a scarf, use any pattern you like. Keep the size range within 6-7" x 50" max. Operation Gratitude fills the $11 size flat rate US Post box with goodies from home. They always include a hand written note and would like to include a hand made item, such as our scarves. If you would like more information about them, check their website out at www.operationgratitude.com I will collect all scarves made this year at our October meeting. Also, please take the time to prepare several Christmas cards, thanking our military personnel for their service. They will need lots of cards for their fall mailing effort. Thank you as always. - Barbara Moore 

Precious Pals – Judy McLaughlin

Animals and patterns are available. Also, be assured that any garment you should choose to make, large or small, will fit one of the numerous critters now residing in my garage. Keep up the good work for a worthy cause.

Preemie Project -  Nancy Gibbons 

Thank you to everyone who knits for our preemie project. Our gifts are always welcome and the nurses do get quite excited over the color combinations. 

Project Linus - Connie Mallette

If you’re interested in seeing the beautiful quilts, blankets and afghans Project Linus distributes for children in Tucson stop by our monthly meeting at Northminster Presbyterian Church on the 3rd Friday of the month between 9: and 11: a.m.

Our yarn for Project Linus is being stored in a climate controlled locker, so I need to know who needs a resupply. I’ll pick up a bin or two on the way to the meeting but it helps me to know what kind you like and how much you need. Thanks for all your beautiful, creative work. 


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